Monday, January 21, 2008

Monday afternoon funk Jan. 21, 2008

Well, dad is fed, and I am off to take my daughter lunch, shop at Ace and visit my cousin in the hospital. I think I figured out why he quit taking his meds. He hated dealing with the VA. He had to go to Portland on a shuttle, then take another shuttle clear across Portland just to see his Dr. He then had to do the reverse, and half the time the shuttle back to the coast had left him behind. Nice. How since his income is so low and he is so disabled he will finally get a local doctor and the VA will have to pay for it. I am going to go meet with the social worker who says she can make all this happen. He is also eligible for the Oregon Health Plan, so no matter who has to do it he will have coverage. Whew!! I may be back later tonight and add to my day. I also hope to get some me time since this is my supposed day off, but who knows if that is even a possibility. I drove my daughter to work this morning and helped her rearrange part of the shop she works in to allow for a new display table. Arrgh! And this is supposed to be my "Saturday." Ha!

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