Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thursday Night Slump

Well, finally back to post after a couple of hectic run my butt off days and nights, I am taking a little me time. Worked Tuesday afternoon like usual, then ran home, fed dad and ran to art class for open studio time. Made it home and worked on a couple of jewelry items. A pair of earrings and a bracelet from beads matching a necklace I recently made, then a wire wrapped goddess pendant for me. All done in varying shades of purple. Think I have a run on purple lately.

It is so cold here, I hope we can afford the heat we have used this month. If anything happens to dad I will be destitute. Have started my SSA disability application again. Started it in 2005, but lost my log in info, so had to start again Monday night.
Tuesday night at open studio I worked on laying out the mural I am going to paint at the glass foundry. I have a vision in my head if I can just get it to translate to the wall I will be fine.
Yesterday I went to open studio in the afternoon and worked on it some more. I didn't get a whole lot done, but the vision is getting clearer. Maybe I will try putting the basics down on the computer, then blocking in on paper.
This morning I finally finished my Valentines for my artsy/beadsy friends. I went to my cousin's house to wait for the VA rep to come help him fill out his paperwork for getting his illness service connected. That is the first step toward helping him out financially, and getting him to feel better about his life in general. Then I dropped off his bills and mailed out the Valentines to everyone except one special one that needs a box. Will have to go to bigger PO to do that. The little PO in Otis didn't have any mailing supplies. Then on the way home I stopped and picked up sandwiches and cheesy tots at, as Cassie says, Gurger King. Dad and I devoured them while I waited for Tess. Took her to the store and back home, then headed out for art class. We painted cats tonight. I love painting cats. They are probably my favorite subject matter, well, I like painting chickens and frogs, too. I have painted at least seven different cats. Some realistic cats and some whimsical. I have had a great time painting them all. I think I will be able to finish it up next week. It is done from a photo taken by my friend Gwen in Texas.
I am so tired, I haven't sat and read a book in weeks. I think tomorrow morning I will do just that. Tonight I am going to play some brain games on the computer and will head off to bed. (Just typed bead, I think I have jewelry making on the brain.) Good night!!

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