Friday, January 4, 2008

Friday in the life of a weekend worker

The day started out with my dad waking me out of a dead sleep by flipping the hall light on right next to my bed, nothing like a slap in the face to wake you up. I stumbled into the bathroom and checked to see if he was okay. He said, "Will you help me take a bath?" I said sure, wondering whether it was safe with me not even being awake yet, but I was glad he was wanting a bath. At nearly 88 he doesn't always cooperate with bathing things. It went a lot better than I thought it would. I am not that strong, and neither is he, but we somehow got him turned around backwards and butt first into the shower on the shower bench. He had always faced the shower. Sitting down with the water hitting him in the head, or so far away from the water didn't make sense to me. He was amazed at how great it felt to have the water hitting him in the back. We both ended up pretty wet. I told him next time I wasn't going to keep my robe on. It was soaked. Oh well, we got him all cleaned up, and put a new urostomy pouch on so he should be good hygiene-wise for a few days.

We ate leftover pork roast, potatoes and peas for lunch and I was off to work.

I always look forward to working, well, not the work part, but the being in the antique shop part is great. Today I priced a huge pile of stuff to put out. Hopefully I can find somewhere to put it. Don't tell me. I could have figured that one out on my own thanks. Amongst the pile of stuff I found a couple of things I had lost and was a little relieved to discover their hiding place. My boss had given me a beautiful Irish Galway crystal hurricane lamp to give my daugher. She is obsessed with our Irish heritage and is having a Celtic Renaissance wedding next month. I had set it aside to take home and one day I came into the shop only to notice that all the stashed items had been moved somewhere. Every once in a while my co-worker gets the cleaning bug and sorts things out, rearranges stuff and it takes me a month or two to relocate things. This lamp had been missing since October. I packed it up and brought it home so it wouldn't disappear again. I also bought a couple of items from a lady who stops by from time to time to sell me stuff. Depending on what it is, my boss will buy stuff. At other times I buy something if I think I can either make money on it, or if it something I want to keep. Today she brought in just a couple of things, a broken pearl necklace and a pair of pearl earrings. They had gold findings, so I bought them. I will remake the freshwater pearls into something else, and keep the earrings for one of my granddaughters.

I am going to have to get busy. I just signed up for a heart bead exchange. I have to make from 1 to 5 heart beads or heart charms or a combination thereof. Then I send them to the host of the exchange and get back the same number I sent in, or more depending on how it goes. It started out as a Valentine wish list, and so many people put down hearts it spun off that into an exchange. I love it. It is in the wearable arts forum on a great website for all kinds of art and artists, crafters, too.

I am hoping to get some more of my paintings scanned and put some of them on our Etsy site, as well as our jewelry. Wish me luck!! I am going to look and see if i have any usable images on my computer.

Night all!!

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