Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sat. & Sun. Jan 12-13

My littlest grandgirl had to go to the doctor yesterday. Her coughing machine kept the family up most of the night Friday. She would fall asleep from sheer exhaustion and then wake up in 1/2 hour or so due to the cough, guess it was just an upper respiratory infection. No fever, but quite a bit of congestion in her chest. Dr. at the ER turned out to be her pediatrician which is a total relief. The local hospital staff, for the most part, won't even check for the usual childhood ailments. They usually assume it relates to her Spina Bifida and want to send her immediately to the children's hospital in Portland. It is rarely related to her ailment, they are just so afraid of being sued they won't even try. Fortunately her pediatrician realized she is a child, she gets childhood ailments like other kids. She is usually just like any other 3-1/2 year old. She just can't walk and had some physical problems relating to her paraplegia. She went home from the hospital with an expectorant, an antibiotic and is already feeling a lot better. I am hoping everyone at her house got some rest last night.

My daughter went off to play some sort of word game with her dad last night. It turned out the only game available was Boggle, and she kicked his butt good. He is always very upset if he doesn't win. So I had to snicker along with her when she stopped by to tell me about it. We are all having dinner tonight. Should be interesting.

Off to work. Hope today has a few more sales than yesterday, and I hope it goes well. I have a few projects to work on, and some hearts to visualize.

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