Thursday, January 3, 2008

Thursday, A whole new day

Boy do I feel like a bad cat owner. The indoor cat had been staring at me for a while today when I realized he was all out of cat food in his dish. I realized I hadn't looked at his bowl for a day or two. I hope he had only been out today. His dish is one of the battery powered self-feeder specialy for dry food. It pushes out a little bit every 6 hours. I guess I ought to check and make sure I cleaned the kitty litter boxes, too.

Didn't get a bit of beading done today, but I did get my Etsy shop open. Yeeeehaaaw!!! I have a whole three items listed. It took me several hours, but I finally did it. Now, I plan to add a few items every week, so I better get busy and make some stuff to list! LOL

I have some practice copper wire to try out some new wire techniques. I will list that stuff, too. You never know what people will want to have. Then if I can master it in copper, I will make it in silver. I also want to try out some gold-filled stuff. I know some people really prefer gold. I am not one of them, but I think I ought to have some in my shop. I shouldn't just say my shop, it is a shop for my work and the work of my daughter, Tess. Hopefully, we will get a lot of work done, and a lot more listed.

Dad seems to have settled back into our daily routine. He was a little down yesterday and not getting around so well. He is happier today. I am not sure what was getting him down. Hope it wasn't me. I have been so tired lately, I am sure I am not helping the mood around here.

If you want to see my work, check out my Etsy store at
There aren't very many pieces listed yet, but it is a start.

More tomorrow. I am off to read a good book, or play a little solitaire, or at least find something distracting to relax me.

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