Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thursday Night Rambling

Well, this morning my adorable grandbaby has turned into a coughing machine, according to her mother. She says a few words and coughs, says one more and coughs again. She is in a really good mood for a sick girl, but she has no fever and is still eating and drinking. She is not eating much, but doing better than we thought she would be. Guess part of yesterday's melt-down might have been related to her getting sick.

I had planned to accomplish all sorts of things today, like really getting started on my heart project. Instead, I went shopping with my daughter, finished a project for the local visitor's center and delivered it in person to the print shop, sent out a secret Valentine to one of my friends, and arrived home only to find one in the mail from her. It had a beautiful lampwork heart on sterling silver wire with Swarovski crystals in pendant form. It is lovely pinky purply colored with darker spots. It is really beautiful. I love it!!! If I could find a picture of it I would show you what I am talking about. Dad had a problem with his urostomy bag tonight, and wouldn't let me take care of it until bedtime. He seems to forget he has to empty it every couple of hours and let it overfill and the bottom pops off his belly and pees his pants on him. Which sets him up for another infection or raw irritated skin and he tries to hide this sort of issue from me. He thinks it makes me a lot of work. He just doesn't realize hiding it makes me a lot more work. He gets skin damage, and then it takes weeks to get it back under control again. Dammit all anyway. I realize he tries to be independent about it, but he usually realizes he really can't take care of it himself anymore anyway.

Oh well, at least he is still here, and living in his own home. More tomorrow. After all, it's another day.

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