Saturday, January 5, 2008

Saturday Night Blues

Tess turned her ankle by stepping on a sippy cup first thing this morning, so that started her day off with a boom. She was still limping tonight when I dropped her off at home.

Dad is doing okay, a little tired today. He said he made at least a dozen trips to the bathroom. It really wears him out to walk that much. I think it may be good for him to exercise more, but it does tire him. His pulmonologist says his lungs are just like they were, so nothing bad is growing in there. We will recheck in another 6 months. I was relieved, I had been a little worried. I know he had too when he remembered it. She had said it was possibly lung cancer, but at his age nothing they would operate on, and chemo would just make him miserable. So the latest scan results are a big positive. Got him fed, changed, changed his bedding and tucked him in. I can hear his cute little snore. (It is hardly more than a heavy breath, but it is comforting to hear in the middle of the night.) The cat, Baby, was laying between his legs asleep, too. Dad loves him so much, it is almost as if he had lived with him his whole 10 year life. Dad calls him his cat. He sneaks him little meaty treats from his meals, and he gets a real kick out of watching him play with his catnip toys. The funniest thing Baby does is growl when he sees a stranger outside. He thinks he is the watch dog. I don't know if he realizes he is a cat~LOL.

Tired. Oh yeah, I am beat, done in, ready to call it a night. And yet, I am not really very sleepy. More just plain tired of being up. I think mostly it is caused from the lousy night's sleep I got last night. It was stormy with wind gusting upwards of 75-85 mph for a lot of the night. There had been intermittent hail showers, thunder and lightning, and RAIN!! Lots of rain.

Day at work today was pretty boring. Not many customers, I think the weather kept them either in their motels, or away. One couple said they loved the weather. I thought they were nuts, but they said they loved the sound of the wind and waves hitting the seawall where they were staying. They were excited about seeing all the water washing over the seawall in Depoe Bay today. I used to live there, so all I could think was, holy cow the rust their car is going to have by this time next year. There is so much salt in the air there you can almost watch your car disintegrate.

Signed up for a fun "heart" exchange on the wearable art section of WetCanvas. I can hardly wait to see what I will get, leave alone what I will make and send out. I found a cool heart item at the antique shop today. I bought it to send off to a secret Valentine. I hope she likes it. We have a Valentine wish list on the wearables forum and we all put actual wishes, wishful thinking, and things we love we would like to have relating to valentines day. It will be interesting to hear what people get from each other. The holiday exchange was awesome, and I am sure this will be great, too.

Well, I better get to bed now. I do have to work again tomorrow. Just tried to get on WetCanvas to check things out and couldn't get on. Will try one more time, then call it a night.

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